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Jordan Henry, Candidate for Glendale Unified School Board, Trustee Area A, 2024

Every student
Every parent
Every teacher

Deserves a voice

Raising the Standards

As the parents of two young boys, my wife and I chose to move to Glendale because of the public schools’ excellent reputation. My duty as a father and community member inspired me to run for school board to make sure our schools remain competitive into the future, and to continue serving students and families first.


Recent curriculum and policy changes have effectively shifted the focus away from traditional education and academic excellence, but I believe that it’s the primary responsibility of our public schools to provide students with the practical skills necessary for a highly competitive college and career market. Glendale schools are legally able to go beyond what the state requires, and just like a good student, GUSD should only be competing with itself for our best possible outcomes.


As an elected school board member, I will serve the Glendale community with a commitment to shaping GUSD policies to protect the education of all students, as well as the rights of parents and teachers, and to ensure our tax dollars are spent towards the pragmatic improvements we expect.  Although it will take time, I am committed to finding a way to work with the board to achieve an honest and accountable relationship with the Glendale community that is essential to building a culture of trust upon which our schools can thrive.

- Jordan Henry

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