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Developing a Culture of Trust

  • Transparency regarding issues of community concern

  • Protect free speech and parental involvement in communication with GUSD

  • Accountability for religious or political discrimination by staff


Budgeting for Academic Excellence

  • Focus funding towards verified academic improvements and material needs over unproven interventions, trainings, and programs

  • Equal budgetary consideration for gifted, ESL, special needs, and low-income student needs


Retaining & Supporting our Best Teachers

  • Checking in with high performing teachers & ensuring comprehensive exit interviews with staff

  • Limiting class sizes to 25

  • Increasing class time per subject by ending advisory periods

  • Supporting positive student behavior incentives 

  • Training to aid teachers in integrating ESL students


Results-Based Instructional Approaches

  • Supporting a phonics-based approach to teaching literacy

  • Supporting Individualized math assignments to a student's ability level

  • Supporting traditional math education using linear progress ensuring highest math levels can be reached without summer school

Math Formulas
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